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15 Responses to About

  1. Editor says:

    To the Editor,
    The report you are posting about fayez karam is it true are you 100% sure for a fact that this is what happened? regardless of your answer, you are posting something one sided , and that is not professional journalism. Who told you this is what exactly happened? you are quoting only one side? did you hear the Fayez karam version?
    Do you know you are affecting public opinion this way, by posting one-sided story?
    is this deliberate? Oh yeah I forgot you were the first people to attack him and label him are “3amil” .
    Tomorrow is another day! you can falsify news but you cant hide the truth!
    (I had some sympathy with you now you lost my vote)

  2. hamzah abdulla says:

    I am reading al akhbar every day

  3. Mohamed says:

    Salam alykiom all.
    Special thanks for Ibrahim Al ameen thank you for speaking out loud and talking the truth, you are the voice of people who cant express their thoughts freely. I know Al murr is tearing his hair because of your articals thank you thousands times. By the way, before I forget special thanks and salams for bassam alquntar say hi to your brother.

  4. Ramzy says:

    Where is Saturday’s issue? I cannot find it. I can see Thursday and Friday only! Please post it properly.

  5. Georges Dagher says:

    متى فقد الانسان ميزة النطق والتعبير يصبح مثل البهائم, وبالطبع من يحاول التضييق او يمنع عنه حرية التفكير والتعبير يكون حيوانا بهيئة انسان..شكرا لكم ولكل من يعلي سلطة الكلمة

  6. HAGE says:

    Toutes nos félicitations pour avoir vaincu le ou les Hackers bien connu puisqu’ils ont laissé clairement leurs signatures ! mais ceci aussi montre a quel point vous aviez raison.
    vous avez tout notre appuis, allez y de l’avant et bon courage et n’hésitez pas a demander notre aide s’il le faut
    et grand merci pour votre engagement politique.

  7. Ali says:

    A piece of advice. Make your URL al-akhbar.com.lb and move on. They won’t be able to steal a Lebanese domain. A dot com domain was not a good choice. Al-Manar and Al-Alam already suffered similar problems.

    By the way, the good thing about this Blog is that it has a Mobile version for Smartphones. WordPress was an excellent choice. Hope you’ll keep it beyond the crisis.

    Good luck!

    Lebanon Links

  8. O.T.B says:

    السلام على أسرة الاخبار الصامدة السلام على أقلامكم التي التي تهزُُ بهديرها جبروت الباطل وعروش الطغاة…
    بنسبي لليوم وين صفحات الجريدة خلص نهار بدنا نلحق نقرأها

  9. Samir benomar says:

    Tenez bon. Bravo pour votre persévérance et votre courage.

    Sans vous, le Liban est triste et la presse est terne. Continuez votre combat, nous sommes nombreux à être avec vous. Vous pouvez compter sur le soutien de vos lecteurs à travers le monde.


  10. wael hamze says:

    je voudrais l’issue de lundi s’il vous plait! vite.

  11. sindibad says:

    هؤلاء المتأمرون على أوطانهم لن يستطيعوا حجب شمس الحقيقة بباطل اصبعهم الذي اعتدوا به على جريدتا الغاليةالتي كشفت خيانتهم وعمالتهم
    تحية للأخبار ونحن بالانتظار

  12. SAADEH says:

    لا تسلم الصحيفة العريقة من الاذى ونحن معاها ومن قارئيها على طول المدى

  13. dear ibrahim elamin
    ELAKHBAR newspaper is like the nutrients to my mind and soul aswell as the food for my body,since the first issue of elakhbar paper iam a regular readers while in lebanon or over seas.,first thingi do in the morning . kepp up as a free and independent press,we need you.best regard for you and all your journalist and special regards to mr. Jean Azziz for his beautiful analysis of all his points of view keep up you are brave.

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